Musical YouTube Video Gets Mixed Reviews from Gluten-Free Community

August 22, 2012

Musical YouTube Video Gets Mixed Reviews from Gluten-Free Community

Les Miserables spoof pokes fun at food allergies.

The YouTube video, “One Grain More,” has quickly become a hot topic in the gluten-free and food allergy communities. Set to the tune of “One Day More” from the infamous musical Les Miserables, the video quickly gained nearly 40,000 views. Created by Michael Bihovsky, who has food allergies, the video shows four frazzled French chefs attempting to whip up some allergen-free food.

Despite going viral, the video has gotten mixed reviews from the gluten-free community. Comments on the YouTube video show that many found the video to be a humorous take on the struggles people with food allergies face in the kitchen. Others thought the video did a disservice to the gluten-free and food allergy communities, neglecting to show the progress and improvement of allergen-free food options.

In an article published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Allison Lubert, owner of the allergen-free bakery Sweet Freedom in Philadelphia, understood both sides of the argument saying, “I thought nobody understood my pain.” While she found the video humorous, she did note that she thinks “there used to be… a lot of cardboard-flavored products out there. I don’t think that’s true anymore.”

The article noted that Philadelphia may be ahead of the curve when it comes to gluten-free, citing advocates like NFCA’s Founder Alice Bast who are helping to make Philadelphia the nation’s top gluten-free city.

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