Mother Dedicates Herself to Creating Allergen-Free Recipes

June 29, 2015

Mother Dedicates Herself to Creating Allergen-Free Recipes

Meet Cindy Gordon, NFCA Blogger Ambassador and author of the blog Vegetarian Mamma.

Cindy Gordon Vegetarian Mamma
The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is proud to call Cindy Gordon of Vegetarian Mamma a Blogger Ambassador. Learn more about Cindy and the work she does for people living with celiac disease.

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Why did you decide to be a blogger for NFCA?

I have long been a supporter of NFCA. I appreciate the education this organization provides as well as the community it has created.

How has celiac disease personally affected you or your family?

In our family, we don’t have an official diagnosis. We were one of the families who were not educated on being tested before going gluten-free. We did not have an informed medical doctor and we decided to remove gluten from our diets to see if that made the sickness go away. It did! If I had to do it all over again, I would have tested first…had I known!

What makes your blog different from others?

On our blog we share recipes that are gluten free, nut-free and vegetarian. Our recipes are simple, use common ingredients and are family-friendly. We focus on simplicity!

What goals do you hope you achieve with your blog?

I hope to pass along easy to make gluten-free recipes and reviews of gluten-free products to assist families who are new to the gluten-free lifestyle or those who are looking for something “new.”

If you could only tell people 1 thing about celiac disease and living gluten-free, what would it be?

While living gluten-free takes some planning, IT IS POSSIBLE. You can do this!

What are your biggest challenges when preparing and cooking meals that are safe for your entire family, and how do you overcome them?

The hardest thing for my family is half of my family is gluten-free and half can eat gluten. Every meal I prepare is gluten-free, it’s just easier that way. Being a short order cook and making two different meals and mixing gluten in there is too complicated! So to avoid spending all day in the kitchen and risking cross-contact, we make all meals gluten-free!