Lady Gaga the Latest Celebrity to Go Gluten-Free

August 24, 2012

Lady Gaga the Latest Celebrity to Go Gluten-Free

Reports say the pop singer is now on a gluten-free diet in order to shed the pounds.

Lady Gaga is now added to the list of celebrities going gluten-free for weight loss. According to Everyday Health, Gaga is maintaining a strict gluten-free diet to shed ten pounds and gain more energy as she movies into the final legs of her international tour.

The pop singer’s gluten-free diet consists mainly of chicken, fish, and vegetables, the article noted. Once a week, Gaga will allow herself to have either a potato or a serving of rice, and she will occasionally indulge in gluten-free cookies, according to the article.

While news of Lady Gaga’s change in diet stirred talk of weight loss benefits, an article just published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics notes that the gluten-free diet is not intended for weight loss. In fact, the author points out, the gluten-free diet can lead to weight gain when gluten-containing foods are replaced with gluten-free alternatives that are higher in sugars and fats.

The article, “Gluten-Free Diet: Imprudent Dietary Advice for the General Population?” is authored by Arizona State University professor and researcher, Glenn Gaesser, PhD, who serves as chairman of the Grain Foods Foundation. Read more about this article in the press release.

Many physicians and dietitians do not recommend eliminating gluten unless there is a medical necessity to do so, such as celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Even then, it is advised to first go through testing for an official diagnosis before adopting the gluten-free diet.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has celiac disease, visit our Symptoms Checklist.

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