High School Tennis Star Slams Celiac

January 17, 2011

High School Tennis Star Slams Celiac

Brooke Ferslov-Jensen wins Girls Tennis Athlete of the Year.

Southern California tennis star Brooke Ferslov-Jensen is acing the competition and celiac disease!

The Sultana high school sophomore earned Girls Tennis Athlete of the Yearhonors from the Victorville Daily Press after finishing the season with a record of 51-3.

This should come as little surprise to those that know Brooke. By age 10, the Southern California Tennis Association had her ranked as one the areas top 50 tennis players.

However, her recent success has been sweetened by the fact that she’s overcome her disease, which had previously knocked her completely out of the sport just a few years ago.

From the VVDailyPress:

“She constantly felt weak, had stopped growing and vomited often.

‘She was really sluggish,’ Mary said. ‘She wasn’t growing. She had a lot of stomach problems and we weren’t sure what was going on.’

Blood tests finally revealed she had celiac disease, an autoimmune disease in which the body has trouble breaking down gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barely or oats.”

Having regained the physical part of her game, Brooke’s focus moving forward is on her mental approach to matches.

“’Last year, she was just like a gut player,’ Sultana coach Melissa Carlson said. ‘This year she stepped up and used a lot of strategy.’”

Congratulations, Brooke!