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Gluten-Free Runner Completes 50K Despite Ankle Injury

December 12, 2012

Gluten-Free Runner Completes 50K Despite Ankle Injury

Peter Bronski

Athlete for Awareness Peter Bronski placed 35th out of 145 runners in his last race of the season and after the injury.

Just before his biggest ultramarathon of the season this past summer, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) Athlete for Awareness Peter Bronski injured his ankle during a run, leaving him out of the running game for a few weeks. After taking it easy for some time and slowly getting his stride back, Peter took on the Bimbler’s Bluff 50K.

Since his ankle still wasn’t quite right, Pete took his time with the race and decided his goals for the 50K would be to finish the race and end on a positive note. He successfully reached both of his goals, coming in 35th place out of 145 runners; pretty impressive for taking his time and mainly jogging throughout the race! He finished in just under 6 hours.

Ankle injury aside, Pete faced some unique challenges for this race. Since he is gluten-free and has different dietary needs than other runners, his wife and daughters make up his race crew and provide him with gluten-free options to get him through the race. With his crew unable to attend, Pete had to rely on the aid stations provided by the race team, which usually only offer sandwiches, cookies and other gluten-filled foods. Not willing to let this roadblock stand in his way, Pete went on to finish the race by refueling with gluten-free options, like Gatorade, M&Ms, orange slices and bananas.

Pete reported on his blog No Gluten, No Problem that he was satisfied with the way he ended his race, and NFCA couldn’t agree more! Great job, Pete!

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