Fraudulent Gluten-Free Goods

June 9, 2010

Fraudulent Gluten-Free Goods

Updates from the criminal case against North Carolina baker Paul Seelig.

There are new developments in the case against North Carolina baker Paul Seeling. Seelig was indicted earlier this year for falsely representing and selling gluten-free goods that were in fact contaminated.

From Gluten-Free Raleigh:

“In a shocking development, Seelig in fact turned down the deal and instead pleaded Not Guilty to those 9 counts. We had been waiting since early May for Seelig to put his affairs together in preparation for pleading guilty but this was apparently just more stalling.

Wake County Assistant District Attorney Jason Waller then asked Judge Donald W. Stephens to arraign Seelig on those 9 felony counts. Judge Stephens encouraged Waller to get to the Grand Jury quickly and then said ‘Try It… Try It… Try It’. Strong and condemning words from the Wake County Superior Judge indicating this case is going to a trial. Seelig was immediately placed in the custody of the sheriff deputies and given a $750,000 secured bond. At this time, Seelig is currently in the Wake County jail awaiting trial.”

To read more about Seelig, including the most recent updates surrounding the case, visit:

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