Food Network’s Newest Star Goes Gluten-Free

August 23, 2010

Food Network’s Newest Star Goes Gluten-Free


Aarti Sequeira said she “broke up” with gluten on her blog.


The latest winner of the “Next Food Network Star” may use traditional bread products on her show, but her personal preference seems to be gluten-free. In a blog post last May, Aarti Sequiera wrote that she “broke up” with gluten after she discovered that the baked goods she loved so much were actually causing a rash. [For the latest research on the connection between psoriasis and gluten intolerance, click here.]

Since then, Sequeira has continued to reference her gluten-free diet, including this recipe for salmon cakes using ground up gluten-free pretzels.

Despite her gluten avoidance off-screen, Sequeira still includes gluten in her on-screen dishes. But, as Gluten Freeville points out, the recipes can be easily adapted using gluten-free alternatives.