Father of an Early Diagnosed Child Becomes Resource for Gluten-Free Dining

July 8, 2015

Father of an Early Diagnosed Child Becomes Resource for Gluten-Free Dining

Meet Michael Savett, NFCA Blogger Ambassador and author of the blog Gluten Free Philly.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is proud to call Michael Savett of Gluten Free Philly a Blogger Ambassador. Learn more about Michael and the work he does for people living with celiac disease.

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Why did you decide to be a blogger for NFCA?

I have been involved with NFCA for almost as long as it’s been in existence. Becoming a Blogger Ambassador was a natural extension of my work with the organization.

How has celiac disease personally affected you or your family?

Our now 14-year-old son was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 3.

What makes your blog different from others?

My blog reaches both a local and national audience. For readers in the Philadelphia area, I post restaurant reviews and features about local businesses, and share weekly news about new restaurant and bakery options in the region. For other readers, I share information on products that are new to supermarkets.

What goals do you hope you achieve with your blog?

My goal is to help make readers’ lives better by sharing information that can improve and broaden their dining options.

If you could only tell people one thing about celiac disease and living gluten-free, what would it be?

Eating gluten-free is a significant lifestyle change, particularly for those who have been diagnosed beyond their formative years, but the tradeoff of improved health is worth it.

What advice can you provide to parents with a child or children who are diagnosed at a young age?

Encourage children to become their own best advocate for their health.