CNN Food Blog Highlights Shock and Acceptance of Celiac Diagnosis

January 18, 2011

CNN Food Blog Highlights Shock and Acceptance of Celiac Diagnosis

Editorial producer explains how she resisted, then embraced gluten-free lifestyle.

CNN’s food blog, Eatocracy, has been giving the gluten-free diet a lot of attention, and even referred to celiac disease in a few posts. Turns out, the subject hits close to home.

In the most recent post relating to gluten-free, Editorial Producer for CNN’s Money Unit Jennie Bragg shared her own experience with celiac disease. Diagnosed at age 24, Bragg was disappointed to learn that she could no longer eat the breads and cookies she grew up enjoying. She went “cold turkey,” according to the post, but wished she could enjoy a beer just like the rest of her friends. As Bragg soon discovered, sticking to a 100% gluten-free diet was better than suffering the stomach pains that came with gluten ingestion.

“It took some time, but as my stomach began to get better, so did my attitude. I also learned how to eat,” Bragg wrote, noting that rice has become a staple in her diet. Her discovery of gluten-free beer also eased the transition.

This post appears to be just the first in a series about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Next up, Bragg will highlight the hidden sources of gluten, according to the blog.