Celitax: Helping You Track Your Gluten-Free Food Purchases

April 7, 2016

Celitax: Helping You Track Your Gluten-Free Food Purchases

A new app can help people with celiac disease track their gluten-free food purchases so they can claim them on their taxes.

If you are diagnosed with celiac disease, you may be able to claim tax deductions for the extra costs associated with buying gluten-free food and products. It does, however, take a fair amount of organization and patience to pour over all of your grocery store, bakery, and online receipts from an entire year in order to fill out the 1040 Schedule A form for medical deductions.

To ease the process of tracking all of your gluten-free food purchases, the phone app Celitax digitalizes receipts, organizes gluten-free product purchases and calculates your tax deduction. To make this calculation, Celitax requires users to photograph store receipts, categorize gluten-free purchases and estimate the average price of their gluten-containing quivalents. Celitax users can abandon the old method of saving receipts in a shoebox and adding up each purchase during tax season in exchange for on-the-go organization and increased accuracy.

Celitax is available for those filing U.S. or Canadian taxes. According to the Celitax website, the app costs $0.99/month, with the first month free, and is only available for the iPhone at the moment. Get all the details here.