Celiac Disease in Columbia University Magazine

January 6, 2010

Celiac Disease in Columbia University Magazine

An interview with renowned celiac expert Dr. Peter H.R Green.

The winter 2009-2010 issue of Columbia Magazine features NFCA Scientific Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Peter Green in an article entitled, Against the Grain.

Dr. Green sheds light on the lack of celiac disease awareness within the physician community and other barriers to diagnosis.

“If drug companies don’t think there’s money to be made treating celiac disease,” Green says, “doctors aren’t going to see many research papers about it, they’re not going to hear lectures about it at the big medical-education conferences sponsored by drug companies, and they’re certainly not going to have attractive ex-cheerleaders showing up at their office doors with samples of gluten-free food, asking them how many people they diagnosed with celiac this week.”

Green also admits the level of awareness, understanding and diagnosis among the international medical community is far greater than here in the United States.

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