Celiac Athlete Sets Guinness World Record

October 28, 2010

Celiac Athlete Sets Guinness World Record

Kicking4Celiac event, hosted by indoor professional football league player – a success!

gf kickerEarlier this month, Craig Pinto made history and set a Guinness World record for kicking 717 40-yard field goals in 12 hours during a fundraiser he held to raise money and awareness of celiac disease.

According to RenegadeKitchen.com:

“After feeling sidelined by weight gain and fatigue he got his ass back in gear and is now a pro athlete. And to prove how much getting a diagnosis meant to him, Craig raised almost $5000 to donate to the Celiac Disease Research Center at Columbia University.”

Craig’s Kicking4Celiac fundraiserwas born out of the desire to show children and adults alike, that living with Celiac Disease will not shut you down physically.

Catch RenegadeKitchen.com Dan Kohler’s account of Craig’s big day and watch a video of him in action here: