Beyond Celiac Goes to Harvard

July 12, 2016

Beyond Celiac Goes to Harvard

Alice Bast, CEO of Beyond Celiac, won a scholarship to attend a major non-profit workshop at Harvard to enhance the organization’s programs and strategies for serving people with celiac disease.

Alice Bast, CEO Beyond CeliacThanks to a scholarship from Harvard Business School Club of Philadelphia, Alice will attend Harvard Business School’s week-long Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management executive education program from July 17-22, 2016. Along with CEOs, executive directors and presidents of non-profit organizations from across the country, Alice will enhance the leadership skills necessary to continue and expand the work that Beyond Celiac does on behalf of celiac disease patients.

Alice was awarded a scholarship for this program after going through an application and interview process. Beyond Celiac had to demonstrate that our organization has a positive impact on the community and that Alice would apply what she learned at the training to implement positive changes at Beyond Celiac.

Beyond Celiac is an evidence-based organization in everything from the research we share to the strategies we deploy to make an impact. In 2015, we changed our name from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness to Beyond Celiac to show that we are evolving along with the science in the celiac disease field and the needs of the community. This program gives Alice the opportunity to learn from other top leaders in the non-profit arena who are tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems. With our celiac disease expertise, drive and ability for making change and the guidance of world leaders, we have no doubt that we’ll be able to continue to blaze a trail towards a cure for celiac disease.

Alice and Beyond Celiac sincerely thanks the Harvard Business School Club of Philadelphia for making this opportunity to better serve our community a possibility!

Beyond Celiac works to make sure that people with celiac disease live better, longer. In the 13 years since Alice Bast founded the organization, we have made immense strides in helping you live better, longer. Check out some of our accomplishments below.

An Overview of Beyond Celiac Accomplishments

Note: Prior to December 2015, Beyond Celiac was known as NFCA


  • Alice Bast founds the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA)


  • NFCA receives NIH grant


  • NFCA submits letter to the FDA highlighting the need for consistent gluten-free food labeling


  • First ever campaign to raise public awareness of celiac disease launches
  • NFCA launches the first Celiac Disease Symptoms Checklist
  • NFCA educates community on food labeling laws in the absence of a gluten-free food labeling law
  • New web section created to help the community voice their opinion on gluten-free food labeling


  • First Gluten-Free Cooking Spree is held
  • Alice Bast joins Alliance for a Stronger FDA
  • Alice Bast becomes member of the FDA panel on food labeling


  • First Appetite for Awareness event held in Philadelphia
  • NFCA creates continuing education programming for pharmacists
  • NFCA hosted two Gluten in Medications Educational Session events
  • NFCA begins free monthly webinars
  • NFCA launches GREAT Kitchens to train restaurants in safe gluten-free food preparation


  • NFCA launches first of its kind GREAT Healthcare programs
  • NFCA launches CME for primary care providers


  • NFCA produces first Gluten-Free Pavilion at National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show
  • rated as one of “10 Great Website with Accurate Information”
  • ranked “#1 Resource for Celiac Facts”
  • NFCA launches initiative focused on celiac disease and women’s health


  • NFCA participates in “1 in 133” lobbying event in DC to push gluten-free labeling standards
  • Alice Bast receives the Philadelphia Award
  • FDA grant to study gluten in medications awarded to NFCA


  • surpasses 1 million visitors
  • NFCA participates in program to gather signatures to push gluten-free food labeling laws through the FDA
  • NFCA distributes survey on celiac disease and fertility


  • NFCA formally supports the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act
  • NFCA endorses the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP)


  • NFCA becomes top resource for understanding the FDA gluten-free food labeling law
  • NFCA studies barriers to celiac disease testing in at-risk family members
  • NFCA launches the GREAT Schools, Colleges & Camps training program


  • NFCA launches first national family testing campaign, Seriously Celiac Disease: Talk Tell Test
  • NFCA hosts Research Summit to drive innovation and collaboration among researchers
  • NFCA becomes Beyond Celiac