Ask Sophia: Getting through the Barbecue Season

June 2, 2016

Ask Sophia: Getting through the Barbecue Season

By Sophia Kagan, 12-year-old Beyond Celiac volunteer

Sophia Kagan, Beyond Celiac volunteerHello and welcome to my June blog! Barbecue season is here, so I am going to be giving you some helpful advice on eating gluten-free at any upcoming barbecues you are attending.

First of all, sometimes eating gluten-free at a barbecue can be awkward. If anyone asks you why you are eating something different, tell them you have celiac disease and it is mandatory for you to eat gluten-free or you will get very sick.

How do you stay safe at a fun-filled barbeque? First, ask the chef at the barbecue to put aluminum foil under your food while it’s on the grill. You see, the grill could have gluten on it from previous meals cooked on the same surface in the past. It is always important to be safe, so you may have to miss out on the grill lines in the burgers, but your food will still taste good and be gluten-free.

Second, as most barbecues involve hot dogs and hamburgers, bring gluten free buns. Bringing a pack of hamburger or hot dog buns will keep you safe and you will fit in and enjoy. Also, you should ask whether meat, fish, or other foods like vegetables are marinated or seasoned with gluten-containing ingredients and beware of soy sauce because it has gluten. My mom sometimes just brings a pack of hot dogs so that I will definitely have something to eat.

It is a good idea to ask for a separate bowl of chips or other food served in dishes or bowls where people use their gluten-contaminated hands to grab a serving. You are not being an inconvenience – you are keeping the chance of cross-contact low.

Lastly, you or your parent should ask for the ingredients in the hamburgers, hot dogs, and any other foods you want just to make sure they are gluten-free. People sometimes put breadcrumbs in hamburgers and while most hot dogs are gluten-free, you should check the packaging to make sure. To “top” my blog off, you can bring your own gluten-free barbecue sauce just in case there are ribs being served!

That’s all I have for my June blog! Thank you so much for reading and read my July blog and Hot Products blog next month!

– Sophia