Arkansas News Station Interviews Sarah Jane Smith

September 10, 2010

Arkansas News Station Interviews Sarah Jane Smith

LPGA Golfer prepares to tee off at NWA Championship this weekend.

NFCA spokeswoman Sarah Jane Smith is preparing for her next LPGA tour appearance despite the rainy weather. Sarah is set to tee off at the NWA Championship in Arkansas on Sept. 11, 2010, and chatted with KFSM Channel 5 News about the weather’s potential effect on her performance.

“I just hope the tournament gets underway without the rain because they put a lot of work into this event and because they’ve been unlucky the past couple of years with the rain so it would be nice to see it go off for them,”said competitor Sarah Jane Smith.

Like everyone else, Smith seems to be staying positive. She said the softer greens may even add an advantage.

“The course will play a little longer, but at the same time the greens will be a little softer so it will be a little bit easier…so it should balance itself out,”she explained.

To watch the video interview, visit NFCA’s Video archives.