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Reach Beyond Celiac Ambassadors in the News


Health is Wealth; Financial Burden of Gluten-Free Diet

Reach Beyond Celiac Ambassador Kate Ariano has seen the impacts of celiac disease from her high school years to her early 20s. While managing the diet has always been her number one focus, Kate shares how she's dealt with some of the mental health impacts of celiac disease, like the stress of maintaining a budget on the gluten-free diet.


Top Tips for Teens with Celiac Disease

Reach Beyond Celiac Ambassador Alyssa spoke with fellow Ambassadors to compile a list of their top tips for teens who have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Read this article for their best advice on growing up with celiac disease!


Spreading Gluten-Free Awareness and Cheer

‘Tis the season for giving back! Beyond Celiac Ambassador and Vanderbilt Junior Noah Lustbader is getting into the holiday spirit by hosting events to spread awareness of celiac disease and assistance to his local gluten-free community.


Celiac Self-Care Spotlight: Hayden Bishop

Welcome to Celiac-Self Care! In this article, we chat with ambassador Hayden Bishop and their experience with dermatitis herpetiformis, how they’re navigating new symptoms post-diagnosis, and why they’re letting go of guilt around food.


Celiac Self-Care Spotlight: Tori Mayernick

Welcome to Celiac-Self Care Series! In this post, Christina Heiser chats with ambassador Tori Mayernick about her Tori’s five-year journey to diagnosis, how taking time off allowed her to become more in-tune with her body, and how she views cooking as self-care.


Celiac Self-Care Spotlight: Erin Ford

Welcome to the Celiac Self-Care series! In this post, ambassador Christina Heiser chats with ambassador Erin Ford, discussing Erin’s experience raising a child with celiac disease, what being a licensed counselor has taught her about self-care, and the advice she has for other parents navigating life with a child with celiac disease.


Celiac Self-Care Spotlight: Alyssa Megee

Welcome to Celiac-Self Care! In this post, learn about Alyssa’s experience growing up with celiac disease, the challenges of navigating celiac disease in college, and how meditation helps her relax.


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