Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies Gaining Media Attention |
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Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies Gaining Media Attention

NFCA Vice President Jennifer North appeared on NBC Philadelphia alongside the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania following the release of the new gluten-free Girl Scout cookie option.

Today marks the official kick off of the Girl Scout cookie season, but there’s something new this year: a gluten-free option.  The celiac disease and gluten sensitive communities have been buzzing about the launch of the gluten-free Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie since the organization announced the pilot test of the new variety.  News stations are taking notice of the buzz.

NBC Philadelphia invited National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) Vice President Jennifer North and CEO of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania Natalye Paquin to join consumer reporter Tracy Davidson on the show. They were joined by two local Girl Scouts, Delaney and Rachel.  Delaney is diagnosed with celiac disease and was able to enjoy Girl Scout cookies for the first time this year.  Together, the group talked about the skills gained from selling Girl Scout cookies and what a gluten-free option means for kids (and adults) living with a gluten-related disorder.

Check out the video clip from NBC Philadelphia here.


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