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Celiac Awareness Champion gains LPGA tour card for 2010


After competing in the Daytona Beach qualifying tournament, Sarah Jane Smith gains LPGA tour card for 2010.

NFCA Athlete for Awareness Sarah Jane Smith finished the LPGA qualifying tournament in Daytona Beach despite heavy winds and rains delaying play- ultimately earning her 2010 LPGA tour card.

Although Sarah Jane finished outside the top 20 overall ( placed 22nd with scores of ,) her finish in the last qualifying tournament of the year combined with her overall performance throughout the 2009 LPGA season, secured her tour status for the 2010 tour.

Click to read more about Sarah Jane's appearance in the Daytona Beach LPGA Qualifying School Tournament.

During the LPGA offseason, Sarah Jane will head to Australia, and spend time with family in her hometown of Queensland. Sara Jane won't be spending to much time relaxing, as she plans to stay in shape by competeing on the Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG) circut.

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