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Minor League Team Goes Major League With Gluten-Free Beer And Snacks

The Charleston RiverDogs add gluten-free options to their ballpark menu.

Baseball season is in full swing and nothing beats watching a close game with a beer and some pretzels.  Josh Shea, the food & beverage director for the Charleston RiverDogs, must have felt the same way.  He has announced that the South Carolina-based Minor League baseball team will have two gluten-free beers on hand.  Rebridge Lager, made with sorghum, and Crispin Cider, made entirely with fruit, will be available at the Beer Garden.  Gluten-free Snyder pretzel sticks and Nicole’s Nutty Goodness snack bars will be sold at Scoops.  The availability of these foods will be shown by signage and more in-depth food information will be available at Guest Services. 

For more information, visit the RiverDogs website or check out the news story from ABC4.    


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