General Mills Premieres Gluten-Free Chex Commercial |
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General Mills Premieres Gluten-Free Chex Commercial

Celiac and gluten intolerant community applauds mainstream reference to gluten-free needs.

General Mills has launched a new commercial for Chex Cereal, and the focus is gluten-free.

Buzz about the commercial began earlier this week, when members of the celiac and gluten intolerant community reported sightings on Twitter and in forums. GlutenFreeville posted the commercial on YouTube yesterday.

The commercial marks a big step for gluten-free awareness, but is just one of the moves General Mills has made to bring special dietary needs to the spotlight. The company thrilled fans in 2009 when it reforumulated Rice Chex Cereal to be gluten-free and introduced a "Gluten-Free" label to the front packaging. General Mills now produces five Gluten-Free Chex Cereals and features an entire section devoted to gluten-free on the Chex Cereal website.

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