NFCA Talks Celiac Disease Along East Coast and Across U.S. |
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NFCA Talks Celiac Disease Along East Coast and Across U.S.

Recent interviews and appearances herald need for gluten-free food.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has been spreading the good news about gluten-free food at events and media outlets across the country. Here are some recent highlights:

NFCA at Natural Products Expo East: NFCA Founder & President Alice Bast and Director of Gluten-Free Industry Initiatives Beckee Moreland presented at this annual gathering of manufacturers and retailers. Alice explained how retailers can make their stores a welcoming environment to newly diagnosed consumers, while Beckee discussed how retailers can meet the needs of customers with special diets.

NFCA at PIX11 Health & Wellness Expo: NFCA Director of Operations Nancy Ginter and Healthcare Relations Manager Kristin Voorhees will be at booth #133 to share information about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.

Celiac Disease: Eating Well While Avoiding Gluten: Alice Bast chatted with blogger Lolita Carrico about celiac disease, navigating the gluten-free dining scene, and staying positive.

I Am Celiac-Free! Are You? (don’t be so sure!) : After speaking with Alice Bast on National Celiac Disease Awareness Day, Tammy Gibson of A Mom in Red High Heels shared her personal experience with celiac disease and encouraged others to get tested.

[VIDEO] Alice Bast on The Morning Blend: As part of a media tour that included radio and television stations nationwide, Alice spoke about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet during this newscast. See more in our Videos section.


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