There's Gluten in That? Surprising Foods and Products That Contain Gluten |
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There's Gluten in That? Surprising Foods and Products That Contain Gluten

Everyday Health gets the low down on hidden gluten from NFCA's Alice Bast.

medicationThere's more to living gluten-free than avoiding wheat-based pasta and baked goods. A new article from Everyday Health reveals some of the hidden sources of gluten that are often overlooked.

The article features input from NFCA Founder & President Alice Bast, who pointed out potential gluten-containing products like medications, gravy and french fries cooked in a contaminated fryer. "Wheat-free" items can also pose a problem if they contain other forms of gluten like barley or rye, Alice noted. She advised gluten-free customers to ask questions before ordering a dish that may contain gluten. 

Read the full article: There's Gluten in That? Surprising Foods, Cosmetics, and Pills That Contain Gluten

Note: The article incorrectly states that maltodextrin contains gluten. Maltodextrin can be derived from wheat, but it is highly processed, which renders it gluten-free.

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