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Gluten-Free Lands on the Front Page: “Much More than a Trendy New Diet”


As we celebrate our 10th anniversary this month, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is excited to share the story that landed celiac disease on the front page of the Health section of Sunday’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

While “gluten-free” is often featured in the mainstream media, the below article from the Philadelphia Inquirer connected the gluten-free diet to celiac disease, highlighting the diet as “much more than a trendy new diet.”  NFCA President Alice Bast is also featured in the article, as she debunked the gluten-free diet for weight loss myth explaining, “This is our medicine.  This is how we stay healthy.”

Read the full article on Philly.com, which also features insights from celiac disease advocates like Michael Savett of Gluten Free Philly and Joseph Murray, MD of the Mayo Clinic.

NFCA thanks the Philadelphia Inquirer for helping us raise awareness of celiac disease so we can continue to restore health and reclaim lives!

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