Beer Study Suggests Link Between Gluten Sensitivity and Psoriasis |
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Beer  Study Suggests Link Between Gluten Sensitivity and Psoriasis


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Women who ingest more full-calorie beer, which has high barley content, are more likely to have the skin disorder.


Researchers investigating the effect of beer as a trigger for psoriasis believe the barley content may be to blame.

Led by dermatologists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the study found women who drink full-calorie beers were more likely to suffer from psoriasis when compared to women who drank light beer, wine or hard liquor. Full-calorie beer has the greatest barley content of the alcohol options, the authors noted, and previous research has indicated that gluten sensitivity, which would be triggered by barley, may be linked to psoriasis.

To read the full study, visit the Archives of Dermatology.




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