Cross Contamination and Dining Out

May 3, 2011

Cross Contamination and Dining Out

May 03, 2011


If bread is dipped in a gluten-free sauce, is it contaminated? Also, what about eating out in restaurants?




Hi Kimberly. If regular (gluten-based) bread is dipped in a gluten-free sauce, the bread may leave some crumbs in the sauce; therefore, the sauce would be contaminated. It is important to be aware of sources of cross contamination. It would be better to have a separate dish of dipping sauce just for the gluten-free person.

While there is always a risk when eating out if you have celiac disease, there are more and more restaurants offering gluten-free menus. NFCA’s Getting Started Guide (find it under “Restoring Health” in the Printable Guides section) has some tips on dining out. NFCA also trains restaurants in safe gluten-free food preparation. See their GREAT Kitchens list for restaurants that have completed training. You can also call the restaurant prior to your visit and talk to the manager or chef to see if gluten-free food options are available at their establishment. Once you get to a restaurant, please let the waiter or manager know about your need to eat gluten-free.


Nancy Dickens, BS, RD, LDN