September 22, 2018



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What physicians and patients should be on the look out for


As the first CSO for any celiac disease advocacy group Marie Robert has an eye on new treatments and a cure
Sneaky Signs of Celiac Disease in Children


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Note from Alice: You’re Invited to Help Change the Future

Thank you! With your help, over our 15 years in existence, Beyond Celiac has demonstrated that we can change the future. Just look at our track record of success. We ensured that gluten-free food is more readily available and more affordable. There was a time when we couldn’t buy a gluten-free loaf of bread or a slice of pizza. Now we have access where we live, work and play. Our next target is accelerating research, which is why we’re so excited to announce our second annual Research Symposium .

You will not want to miss this FREE event! As part of our 15th anniversary celebration, this educational symposium will elevate the conversation about celiac disease, the work being done and where we need to go to better understand this complex disease. Through social media, we will be inviting you to submit questions for our researchers.

Now for the good stuff – I’d like to take this chance to personally invite you to be a part of the future by watching this Research Symposium via webcast. This exciting event will be held on October 10 at 6:00 PM EST and we will be webcasting it live across the globe for everyone interested in learning more about the latest in celiac disease research. Our goal is to reach 2,000 people.

I’m looking ahead to this event with great excitement because not only will you have the chance to meet our new Chief Scientific Officer but we will once again bring together noted researchers, clinicians and community members to explore the current state and future directions of celiac disease research—something we’re passionate about advancing at Beyond Celiac.

The Symposium will consist of a live panel presentation and discussion followed by Q&A, featuring:

  • Marie Robert, MD , Beyond Celiac CSO and Professor of Pathology, Yale University, as moderator, and the following panelists:
  • Ciaran P. Kelly, MD, Director, Celiac Center and Director, Gastroenterology Fellowship Training, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and member of the Beyond Celiac Board of Directors
  • Maureen M. Leonard, MD, MMSc , Clinical Director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and Instructor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School
  • Stephen D. Miller, PhD , Judy E. Gugenheim Research Professor of Microbiology-Immunology and Director of the Interdepartmental Immunobiology Center at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Each panelist will conduct a presentation illuminating the connection of celiac disease to the gut microbiome, its connection to other autoimmune diseases, and the overall state of research in the field, followed by Q&A.

For more information about attending the Symposium via webcast, click HERE. You can also help fund research and directly affect the future by contributing to or fundraising for our Young Investigator Research Grant.

To living life Beyond Celiac,

Alice Bast

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From the Chief Scientfic Officer (CSO): Marie Robert, MD

What do Celiac Disease, the Microbiome, and MS all have in Common?

We are at a critical juncture – a moment in time in celiac disease that will change how we view and treat this serious genetic autoimmune disease forever. And, we are poised to crack the code for the tens of millions of Americans who are living with other autoimmune diseases. More than ever, we need to both connect the dots from all the disparate research avenues and use the discoveries made in other specialties to accelerate our progress. This collaborative, innovative, community-involved thinking and approach will get us to our goal: A cure for celiac disease.

That’s why I’m so excited to moderate the discussion with an amazing line up of engaging researchers and clinicians for the 2nd Annual Beyond Celiac Research Symposium. As Alice mentioned in her note, in this live meeting we will hear about the latest in celiac disease research, get a clear and thorough explanation of the connection to the microbiome, and learn how multiple sclerosis (MS) research in nanotechnology is fueling the next innovations for celiac disease. We will be streaming the research symposium live because we want you, and everyone in our world-wide community, to be able to watch and participate. Please tune in! on Wednesday, October 10, from 6-7:30 p.m. EST.

Drs. Kelly, Leonard and Miller will bring a whole new perspective to how you think about celiac disease and our hopes for progress for treatments and a cure. By thinking unconventionally and drawing on the best minds, we will change our future. You can be a part of it.

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Gluten-Free Cooking with Oonagh

Gluten-Free Mexican Salad

Spice up your lettuce with this delicious gluten-free spicy Mexican Salad…



Gluten-Free Cheesy Nachos

Cheese sauce, beef, and corn… oh my! GET THE RECIPE



About Chef Oonagh Williams

Chef Oonagh Williams

British born Chef Oonagh Williams holds a culinary arts degree and spends her time cooking, writing, speaking, and educating the public on gluten-free and allergy-free diets. She herself has celiac disease along with other food allergies. When not writing or speaking nationally on food, she teaches cooking classes, hosts dinner parties, and offers one-on-one help. Locally, she teaches healthier food cooking classes including vegetarian cooking for everyone, as most real food is naturally gluten-free and free of many other allergens. Chef Oonagh had the honor of being a speaker at the Boston Celiac Symposium, alongside top doctors from Beth Israel, Mass General, and Harvard Medical School.


Buy herDelicious Gluten-Free Cooking e-book, over 200 pages, full color photos, only $20;

like her Facebook page, Gluten-Free Cooking with Oonagh, where she posts recipes, links to her appearances, and gluten-free products she’s discovered; and connect with her on Skype for help in following a food allergy diet.


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Ways to Improve Celiac Disease Biopsies Outlined in New Study

A new celiac disease research study in published in the American Journal of Surgical Pathology attempts to improve biopsy diagnosis by describing the best practices in the use of the endoscopy and biopsy for patients with suspected celiac disease. The study lays out workable guidelines that can be used in daily practice…


New CSO Has Plans to Propel Celiac Disease Research

Marie Robert, M.D., the new Chief Scientific Officer for Beyond Celiac, and Amy Ratner, Medical and Science News Analyst, recently sat down to talk about Robert’s role with the organization and how she hopes to help propel research into celiac disease…



Allergic Living: Celiac Disease in Children or Teens: The Sneaky Signs to Watch Out For

By Lisa Fitterman

As a mouse magically turned into a coachman, Edyth Moldow was supposed to look small in her dance school’s production of the ballet Cinderella. But her mom’s breath caught when she realized just how tiny and pale her daughter looked compared to the other children leaping and twirling across the stage…

Allergic Living.

Photo credit: Allergic Living



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Interview with CSO Marie Robert, MD

CSO Marie Robert, MD talks with Amy Ratner about her role at Beyond Celiac in accelerating research for treatments & a cure for celiac disease. Watch the recording of this Facebook Live video here.


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