Gluten-Free How-Tos & FAQs

Learning the gluten-free diet means learning an entirely new lifestyle. You’ll be able to tackle this change with some Gluten-Free How-Tos and FAQs from Beyond Celiac.

Shop Gluten-Free

The Beyond Celiac Team has put together a list of our favorite gluten-free foods and kitchen items from Amazon.

Is It Gluten-Free?

Is soy sauce gluten-free? What about oats, rice, cheese, couscous or amaranth? Find detailed answers to these questions and more in our Is It Gluten-Free? section.

Gluten-Free How-Tos:

Gluten-Free Dining:

You don’t have to give up on dining out because of celiac disease. There are always risks when someone else is preparing your food, but by understanding common ingredients and risky cross-contact areas, you can minimize your chances of accidentally eating gluten. Get tips and info on gluten-free dining here.