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Beyond Celiac Coalition Welcomes New Members to Drive Progress in Celiac Disease Research and Treatment

June 12, 2023

Exciting developments are underway in the celiac disease space as the Beyond Celiac Coalition proudly announces the addition of three esteemed members to its ranks. This multi-stakeholder pre-competitive alliance, established in 2022, has garnered widespread support from leading organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of celiac disease. With the recent inclusion of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), Dr. Jocelyn Silvester of Boston Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Marie Robert of Yale School of Medicine, the Coalition’s collaborative efforts gain further momentum towards achieving its ultimate goal.

Unifying Experts for Progress

The Beyond Celiac Coalition has brought together renowned celiac disease experts, healthcare providers, industry leaders, and research institutions in an unprecedented collaboration. Our collective mission is to identify and address critical barriers in celiac disease diagnosis and treatment development. Central to this endeavor is the group’s focus on overcoming patient barriers to inclusion, engagement, participation, and retention in clinical trials, while also establishing the Coalition as a platform for sustained engagement with the FDA.

The AGA’s Vital Role

The inclusion of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) within the Beyond Celiac Coalition strengthens the alliance with an influential and trusted voice in the field of gastroenterology. With over 16,000 members worldwide, the AGA is recognized for its unwavering commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. By joining forces with the Coalition, the AGA will play a pivotal role in shaping strategic directions and initiatives focused on patient-centric innovation in celiac disease.

Distinguished New Members

The Coalition’s growth is further amplified by the addition of two distinguished individuals: Dr. Jocelyn Silvester of Boston Children’s Hospital and Dr. Marie Robert of Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital. Dr. Silvester’s expertise in pediatric gastroenterology and her significant contributions to celiac disease research make her a highly respected figure in the field. Dr. Robert, renowned for her expertise in GI pathology, brings invaluable insights and experience to the Coalition’s collective knowledge. Their inclusion reinforces the importance of collaborative efforts in driving meaningful change.

Gratitude is extended to all members who have generously dedicated their time and effort to support the launch of the Beyond Celiac Coalition and shape its strategic priorities. The following individuals and organizations have played an integral role:

  • Dr. Robert P. Anderson
  • Anokion
  • imaware
  • Dr. Edwin Liu
  • Dr. Joseph A. Murray
  • Provention-Bio
  • Dr. Marisa Stahl
  • Dr. Adam C. Stein
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals

The Beyond Celiac Coalition and its new members mark significant milestones in the quest for advancements in celiac disease research and treatment. With an ever-growing network of experts and organizations dedicated to overcoming barriers and fostering patient-centric innovation, the Coalition is positioned to make a substantial impact. Through collaboration and continued engagement, the future looks promising for those affected by celiac disease, as the Coalition paves the way for meaningful change and improved outcomes.

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