Sending Your Gluten-Free Kids Back to School

Sandwich Olympics: Back to School

Each month, Beyond Celiac hosts a new social media initiative so you can stay up-to-date on all things related to living with celiac disease. Check back here on the first Monday of every month to see what's happening!


It's already time to start thinking about sending the kids back to school! This busy time of year can quickly become stressful for parents, especially those who have kids with celiac disease. Fear not! Beyond Celiac has you covered with loads of information (and fun games!) to get you ready for the year ahead.

Here's what we're doing this month:

Gluten-Free Sandwich Olympics

Winner's Stand
We're pitting (gluten-free) sandwich against sandwich to see which one comes out on top as the best back to school lunchbox recipe. Keep an eye on the Beyond Celiac Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for posts that will get the community voting.

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Thanks to Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery for sponsoring this campaign!


Resources for Parents: For Kids in Grades K-12

Back to School Toolkit

Back to School Toolkit Preview


After you vote for your favorite, download our free Back to School Toolkit, which is complete with the recipes for the sandwiches competing in the Gluten-Free Lunchbox Olympics, plus:


  • Information on the 504 Plan
  • A roadmap to setting up a 504 Plan for your child
  • Celiac disease and the older child
  • Navigating everyday life
  • GREAT Training and how it can help your child eat safely at school
  • Experimenting with the gluten-free lunchbox
  • Your child's nutrition needs
  • Printable grocery shopping list
  • Additional resources

Grab the Back to School Toolkit in the Beyond Celiac Parenting Hub.

Resources for Gluten-Free College Students and Their Parents

Gluten-Free in College Toolkit

Gluten-Free in College Toolkit

We didn't forget about the gluten-free students heading off to college! Both gluten-free diet newbies and pros will get information they need to stay gluten-free while at college. Here's what's in the toolkit:


  • Finding support on campus
  • Know your rights
  • Registering with the Office of Disability Services
  • Dorm-friendly gluten-free food
  • When your roommate isn't gluten-free
  • Label reading
  • Eating gluten-free on a budget
  • Easy gluten-free recipes
  • Additional resources

Download the Gluten-Free in College Toolkit

Browse the rest of the Gluten-Free in College Section for additional tips, articles and more!

Gluten-Free Microwave Recipes for the College Dorm Room

Eating in the college cafeteria can be tricky for students with celiac disease. And sometimes, you just need to stay near your desk and power through some studying. Beyond Celiac has the solution! We have gluten-free recipes that any college student can make in the microwave.

Download the Gluten-Free Microwave Cookbook




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