Caption This! Photo Caption Contest

Caption This!

Each month, Beyond Celiac hosts a new social media initiative so you can stay up-to-date on all things related to living with celiac disease. Check back here on the first Monday of every month to see what's happening!


"Caption This" is back! Throughout July, Beyond Celiac is sharing pictures and .gifs across social media. Your challenge? Come up with the most clever caption! If you do, you'll win a prize pack complete with goodies from our sponsor, Crunchmaster.

Watch us on Facebook and Instagram to share your best caption. Good luck!

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Head to our Facebook or Instagram to submit a caption.





"'G' Rrawkin Freee"

Winning caption from @msfunkmuffin on Instagram.

"Keep on rockin' in the (gluten)-free world"

Runner-Up from Lauren Hellinger on Facebook.





"They don't call me 'Sugar Lips' for nothin'!"

Winning caption from @gfdoubletalk on Instagram.

"How many licks does it take to get to center of a giant fruit popsicle?"

Runner-up from Maryann Stallings Hicks on Facebook.





Have celiac? Going gluten-free could save a tree.

Winning caption from Karin Yarnell on Facebook.

Save the toilet paper! I've been glutened!

Runner-up from Dawn Holt on Facebook.





"I flip for Crunchmaster snack packs."

Winning caption from Paul Burns on Facebook.

It's all about perspective!

Runner-up from @gfdoubletalk on Instagram.





"Hello, I'm Wilford Breadley." 

Winning caption from @idontliveinthecity on Instagram.

"With a hole this big, it MUST be #glutenfree!"

Runner-up from @heycorrie on Instagram.





 "Tell me, does this corn make my cheeks look big???"

Winning caption from Diana Swiatek on Facebook.

"What???? Winter coming!!!"

Runner-up from Karla Baker on Facebook.


"When you realize that the meal you just ate and loved had gluten in it!"

Winning caption from @glutenfreeinthe303 on Instagram.

"Hahaha nope gonna nap bye."

Runner-up from Khristin Jacks on Facebook.





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