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Enjoy Life eCookbook Series

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Having celiac disease means having to take food seriously, but doesn’t mean giving up the pleasures of cooking and eating delicious meals. And while cooking gluten-free certainly has its challenges, this month’s mini eCookbook series proves it can also be creative, varied and fun. These recipes aren’t just for the culinary adventurers among us; even if you have a tried-and-true rotation of meals, you’re likely to find a bit of inspiration to spice up your favorite dishes here.

The recipes in this month’s eCookbooks are completely gluten-free and free from the top 8 allergens. With the help of these handy cookbooks, you can wake up to a stack of caramelized banana pancakes, impress guests with a lemony chicken and sweet potato roulade, go meatless at the barbeque with a black bean and cilantro burger and satisfy your mid-day munchies with a simple garlic hummus. Celiac disease can’t stop us from making great meals and taking food seriously.

Click on the below images to download a PDF copy of the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks cookbooks:

Breakfast eCookbook Lunch eCookbook Dinner eCookbook Snacks eCookbook

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