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What's Your Celiac-itude?

Each month, Beyond Celiac hosts a new social media initiative so you can stay up-to-date on all things related to living with celiac disease. Check back here on the first Monday of every month to see what's happening!


We all handle problems and concerns differently. That means there is no one-size-fits-all solution for tackling the various challenges that come with living with celiac disease. Some people feel comfortable speaking up about their disease and their needs, while others prefer to not draw attention to their gluten-free diets. Whether you are completely comfortable with voicing your concerns or not, we have tips and advice to get you through common scenarios.

To help, we recruited Monique Germone, PhD of the University of Colorado School of Medicine to give advice based on her experiences in working with people living with celiac disease. But first – take the Celiac Disease Personality Quiz. Select the answer to the questions below to tell us what you are most likely to do in the given situation. Then, Dr. Germone will give her advice tailored to your comfort level in talking about your celiac disease needs. 

What's Your Celiac-itude? Take the Quiz Now! 

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About Dr. Monique Germone

Dr. Monique Germone
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Monique Germone is a licensed psychologist specializing in providing care to children and families with celiac disease and autism spectrum disorders. As part of her clinical appointment at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, she works with a team of medical providers at the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease to address the behavioral and emotional components of managing celiac disease. Her research interests range from the impact of celiac disease on children and their families to the benefits of human-animal interaction for children and adolescents. 



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