Jennifer Arters Bakes Gluten-Free Goods in Downingtown, PA |
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Jennifer Arters Bakes Gluten-Free Goods in Downingtown, PA


A big "Thank you!" to NFCA supporter Jennifer Arters, who recently hosted her first Gluten-Free Cupcake Party. The fundraiser was a resounding success. Here's the event wrap-up from Jennifer:

"A small gathering of family and friends joined in Downingtown, PA on November 11th at 1 pm for our first cupcake party. We had a great time and a lot of laughs raising $130.00 and look forward to doing it again to raise more!"

Jennifer noted that her guests found the party to be an "eye opener" on celiac awareness. While a few were skeptical about how the cupcakes would taste, those doubts quickly dissolved. In fact, one young guest said "Wow, these are better than normal cupcakes!"

Baking gluten-free cupcakes

See photos from the party on NFCA's Facebook page: Jennifer A's Gluten-Free Cupcake Party

Thank you, Jennifer. Keep up the GREAT work!

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