Sarah Jane Smith Eyes LPGA Major

Sarah Jane Smith Eyes LPGA Major

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Well wishes, emails and news stories are pouring in as NFCA Athlete for Awareness Sarah Jane Smith is set to play in one of the biggest tournaments of the LPGA season this weekend in Rochester, NY!

Sarah Jane arrived in Rochester early this week to participate in a friendly Pro-Am event prior to the main event, the prestigious LPGA Championship Tournament presented by Wegmans.

Rochester area resident John Ambrosi found himself paired with Sarah Jane and her husband Duane during the Pro-Am event. Following their round of golf, John says he now considers himself the newest member of Sarah Jane’s growing legion of fans.

“At the appointed 7:20 AM tee-off, the four amateur golfers, their caddies, including yours truly, and the LPGA custodians met our pro. Sarah Jane Smith, an Australian from Queensland, along with her caddy Duane (Sarah’s husband) greeted us with typical Down Under warmth. I had figured that any golfer competing for a piece of the $2.5 million Championship purse would be a bit distracted and aloof. I could not have been more wrong. Sarah and Duane were engaging and conversational. They eagerly invested in banter about their homeland and had questions and observations about ours. They were genuinely interested in what each of us was about, our families, our professions. They mixed with the amateur pairs as if, well, they were out for a Saturday morning round with friends. Sarah stopped here and there along the course to say hello to fans and eagerly signed her name to balls and programs. To the delight of all, her smile never left her face…..

…..As we parted at 18, we all wished this young lady and her husband well. I hope she and Duane realize how much we all appreciated her very personal touch. She’s picked up eight, new American fans. Not bad for 5 hours work.”

You can read John’s entire account of his day in his blog post, “A Late Spring Stroll with Sarah Jane Smith.”

You can also check out a video of Sarah Jane in action at the Wegmans LPGA Championship Pro-Am below!

Last year, Sara Jane finished tied for 14th, and is considered a top contender again in this year’s tournament.

Good luck, Sarah Jane!



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