Pregnant and Worried about Gluten-Free Nutrition

November 1, 2011

Pregnant and Worried about Gluten-Free Nutrition

November 01, 2011


I am pregnant and worried that my gluten-free diet might be causing issues for me. Are there any resources for pregnant celiacs to ensure all dietary needs are met?




Hi Meghan. I’m glad to see you are paying attention to your gluten-free diet while pregnant. Yes, NFCA has great information about the gluten-free diet and proper nutrition before and during pregnancy. See: Maximizing Nutrition for Pregnancy.

The article also includes a list of references to additional sources of information about important nutrition issues during pregnancy, including: common vitamin deficiencies; the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations for pregnant and nursing women; mercury levels in fish and shellfish; and much more.

Thank you for your question and be well,

Rachel Begun, MS, RD

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