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Heart Healthy & Gluten-Free Diets

January 22, 2016

Heart Healthy & Gluten-Free Diets

January 22, 2016


How can I manage the gluten-free diet in a way that is heart healthy since I also have heart disease?


This is a great question since many gluten-free products are filled with gums, fats and empty starches to help them mimic the properties of wheat. The best way to manage the gluten-free diet is to focus your shopping on the perimeter of the store, cooking naturally gluten-free meals made primarily from fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, legumes and some limited whole grains. Bean flours can be nutritionally dense, so incorporate them into your baking if you have the opportunity.


Natalie Menza, RD
Corporate Dietitian for ShopRite Supermarkets


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