Follow-Up Question on Skin Care Products

March 8, 2011

Follow-Up Question on Skin Care Products

March 08, 2011


I read an earlier question regarding body oils/lotions, etc. The response was that it could not be absorbed through your skin. However, when I have applied items that are not gluten-free, I’ve had a reaction. I am a little confused. Could there be some connection?



Hi Lenore. Yes, this can be confusing, as some people with celiac disease have intolerances/allergies to other foods. There is the possibility you are allergic to another ingredient in the product. If you find that you are having a reaction to multiple products, it is a good idea to see a doctor to be tested for allergies to other foods/ingredients. If you do decide to get tested by a doctor, bring the products with you so that the doctor can look for any overlapping ingredients that might indicate what you are potentially allergic to.


Rachel Begun, MS, RD