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Diet suggestions for undiagnosed celiac baby

February 1, 2011

Diet suggestions for undiagnosed celiac baby

February 01, 2011


I’m pretty sure my baby has celiac (though I am told she is too young to be tested). She is also allergic to dairy. She just turned 1, and I am having a hard time finding foods that are soft enough for her to eat. She can eat most canned veggies and fruit and Chex cereal, but I would like a little more variety in her diet. What would you recommend?




Hi Rachel. There must be some symptoms that your child is experiencing to make you think she has celiac disease. It is best to get an official diagnosis before you start eliminating food groups. Please contact the Gastroenterology Department at your nearest children’s hospital. The GI specialists can run some tests (the celiac test panel), confirm the dairy allergy and analyze the symptoms your baby is having. If a celiac diagnosis is made, meet with a pediatric registered dietitian who can analyze your baby’s diagnoses and make specific recommendations on what to feed her.


Nancy Dickens, BS, RD, LDN


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