NRA Show 2011: Taking The Mystery Out of the Gluten-Free Menu

May 17, 2011

NRA Show 2011: Taking The Mystery Out of the Gluten-Free Menu


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Ambler, PA (Tuesday, May 17, 2011) – The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) will participate in an educational session entitled Capitalize on Today’s Interest in Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness, Monday, May 23rd 2011 at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Featuring a panel of industry experts, Capitalize on Today’s Interest in Healthy Lifestyles and Wellnesswill examine several emerging nutritional movements within foodservice, and discuss how restaurants can successfully generate revenue by adapting their practices and catering to these growing consumer bases.

Capitalize on Today’s Interest in Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness will take place from 10:00 -11:30 a.m. in room S403B.

Session Overview:
Interest in healthy lifestyles and wellness is growing. Anita Jones-Mueller, president, Healthy Dining, will moderate this session covering a wide variety of topics including strategies for reducing sodium, developing gluten-free options, appealing to health-conscious guests, developing and promoting healthy options for kids’ meals, nutrition analysis, and more to help you succeed in the changing landscape.


  • Beckee Moreland , Director of Gluten-Free Industry Initiatives, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
  • Charlie Cocotas , President and CEO, UFood Grill
  • Lowell Petrie , Senior Vice President and CMO, Real Mex Restaurant

There is opportunity abound within the gluten-free market, as mainstream media attention and increasing cases of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity drive consumer demand. According to 2011 Packaged Facts, this market segment is projected to reach nearly $6 Billion by 2015, far exceeding previous market research expectations. Business gains, specifically within the gluten-free foodservice sector, are expected to increase $500,000 within the next 4 years.

Capitalize on Today’s Interest in Healthy Lifestyles and Wellnesspanelist Beckee Moreland, Director of Gluten-Free Industry Initiatives for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, will address the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the gluten-free diet, as well as the process of implementing a gluten-free initiative within shared kitchens. She will also share tips and tricks to providing successful and safe gluten-free options, and highlight professional resources that can assist establishments from ingredient sourcing and menu development, to marketing and publicity.

“To truly make a gluten-free initiative successful, you have to understand that special diet customer’s considerations extend far beyond just food. Gaining their credibility and trust in the entire preparation and serving process are essential for developing a loyal and profitable consumer base,” says Moreland.

Moreland will highlight NFCA’s GREAT Kitchens program, a train-the-trainer educational tool for chefs and food service managers, which equips professionals with comprehensive information on the gluten-free diet and safe gluten-free food preparation and serving practices.

The GREAT Kitchens program includes everything professionals needed to educate the entire kitchen staff and create a gluten-free menu; providing practical and affordable solutions considering a wide range of cuisines, price points, preparation and storage needs, corporate identities and marketing strategies.

For more information on NFCA’s Gluten-Free Resource Education and Awareness Training (GREAT) Kitchens program, visit

To register for Capitalize on Today’s Interest in Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness, visit the Events section of the NRA Show 2011 website:

About NFCA and GREAT Gluten-Free Initiatives
NFCA’s GREAT gluten-free initiatives promote a vision where gluten-free food is tasty, safe, affordable, accessible, and understood. The organization and its programming which includes the GREAT Business Association of gluten-free business and certified gluten-free product registry, as well as the GREAT gluten-free training program for kitchens and food service, have been recognized by industry professionals and consumers alike for their leadership in the growth and development of the gluten-free market.

NFCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of celiac in order to gain prompt and accurate diagnosis for those suffering, support the health and wellbeing of those with the disease, and facilitate research that will better understand the disorder and find a cure. Visit for information.

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