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Is Bulgur Gluten-Free?

Is Bulgur Gluten-Free?

No, bulgur is not gluten-free. Bulgur is a cereal made from wheat, so if you have celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy, do not eat bulgur.

Bulgur is made by parboiling whole wheat (usually the durum variety), drying it, then grinding it. It has a nutty flavor and has been known to smell like popcorn when it cooks. Bulgur is also known by the names riffoth, groats, bulgur wheat and burghul.  

Humans have eaten bulgur for around 4,000 years, and it can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. It’s even mentioned in the Bible! Today bulgur is often used as a substitute for rice, couscous and quinoa, and is frequently found in Middle Eastern and north Indian cuisines.

For most people bulgur is a healthy and tasty alternative to wheat bread or side of rice, but this is an unsafe alternative for anyone with celiac disease. Skip the bulgur and stick with rice.

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