"Dunk" Challenge Bracket

“Dunk” Challenge Bracket

Follow the Action!

Which is your favorite dip to dunk? Here are the results so far:

Conference A Week 1 Winners Week 3 Winner ChampionDip Week 3 Winner Week 2 Winners Conference B
Hummus Chocolate
Salsa 1. Hummus 3. Guacamole Guacamole
Ranch Dressing Cheese Spread
Spinach Dip Hummus Guacamole Eggplant Dip
Crab Dip Yogurt Dip
Onion Dip 2. Salsa 4. Chocolate Mustard
Bean Dip Chili
Peanut Butter Buffalo Dip

Voting is now open!

Read on to learn how you can get a shot at $100 cash!

ChampionDip Finals: Your Shot for $100!

Your votes have put Hummus and Guacamole in the Final Round of NFCA’s “Dunk” Challenge. Now, the two remaining dips go head-to-head to determine which will be the ChampionDip – and you can win $100 by participating!

To cast your vote, share a link to your favorite recipe that highlights your dip of choice: Hummus vs. Guacamole. On Friday, April 1, we’ll select one lucky winner from those who have shared a link. The winner will receive $100 cash , courtesy of Crunchmaster!

There are three ways to enter:

1) Submit a link through one of the two link tools below. Make sure to choose the one that corresponds with your preferred dip! (Note: Please include your email address when completing the entry.)

2) Tweet @CeliacAwareness and include the link to your favorite recipe in the tweet. Declare your allegiance by including “Team Guac” or “Team Hummus” in the tweet.

3) Post a link to your favorite gluten-free recipe for hummus or guacamole on NFCA’s Facebook Page.

If you have any questions about the contest, email [email protected]

Voting will close on Friday, April 1 at 12 noon ET, so get your votes (and links) in before the buzzer!

Team Hummus

Behold the power of chickpeas! High in fiber, packed with protein and delicious when pureed with oil and spices. Whether you prefer to dunk carrots, celery or a gluten-free cracker, the important thing is getting a big scoop of hummus to your mouth, stat! Declare your love for hummus by sharing your favorite recipe that highlights the dip. It could be a spicy chipotle hummus, a savory olive spread or a funky gluten-free pizza with hummus on top. Whatever the recipe, dish about it for your chance to win $100!

Team Guacamole

Are you an avocado enthusiast? Share a link to your favorite recipe that makes guacamole shine! It could be a recipe for the classic dip, a zesty spin with exotic spices, or a gluten-free turkey wrap that just isn’t the same without the green stuff. Whatever the dish, declare your allegiance to guacamole!