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Parent Perspective: Sindey Wilton, mother of 4-year-old Markis

Only 6 months after her son was diagnosed, Sindey is still learning the ropes…and she’s eager to hear more.

Sindey is the mother of 4 year old Markis, who suffers from celiac disease. She addresses what his diagnoses was like, how her kitchen is set up differently now due to her child’s condition, and how everyone in the household copes with Markis’ celiac. Get to know Markis and Sindey in the interview below.

1. When was he diagnosed with celiac disease and what were some of his symptoms?

He was officially diagnosed with celiac disease in April 2011. It was hard to detect the symptoms. My son had no change in the way he ate or functioned. How the celiac disease became know to us is when my son was given a blood test and it showed positive for celiac disease – that was in April 2010. He then had to do a biopsy in order to determine how severe it was or if they was any redness on the inside. There was.

2. Did the set-up of your kitchen change when you found out he has celiac?

Yes, the set up of the kitchen did change. I now look for items that would replace the non-gluten-free products that Markis loves.

3. Is everyone gluten-free in your household? If not, how do you manage a mix of diets?

Everyone is not gluten-free; however we eat gluten-free products to help Markis and also taste for ourself to see if there is a difference in the regular foods.

4. How did you learn more about the disease?

I learn more about the disease by reading and searching online for information. In addition, by asking questions.

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