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Gluten-Free Product of the Day

Sweets and Beets Chips

Sweets and BeetsProduct Name: Terra Sweets and Beets Chips

What is it? A combination of tasty sweet potatoes and bold beets, thinly sliced and cooked to a crisp.  Sweet, salty, crunchy and naturally gluten-free, this snack mix will rival the standard potato chip.  

Nutrition snapshot:  A serving consists of about 15 chips, adding up to about 160 calories and 90 calories from fat. The chips are surprisingly low in sodium, with only 10mg per serving compared to the 350mg that can be found in traditional potato chips. On the other hand, sweet potatoes and beets have more natural sugars, so this snack contains about 8g of sugar per serving.

Ways to enjoy: With so much natural flavor, these chips can be enjoyed without any accompaniments. You can also crumble the chips to use as a garnish or gluten-free breading. Think of flavors that would complement the natural sweetness – like acorn squash or pork tenderloin. You can even crumble these over ice cream for a salty touch.

Where to Learn More: www.GlutenFreeChoices.com


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