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Problem: The burden of the gluten-free diet is comparable to the treatment burden rated by patients with both end-stage renal failure and congestive heart failure.

Solution: Beyond Celiac provides trusted, evidence-based information that can be easily understood and applied to everyday life.

The gluten-free diet is difficult to navigate and can create a feeling of social isolation, causing those with celiac disease to consider the medically-necessary diet a very high treatment burden.Sadly, most patients are also left to navigate their diagnosis and treatment on their own, without support from educated medical providers. Beyond Celiac addresses these challenges by empowering our community with free information and social engagement that draws people with celiac disease together in meaningful ways.

We educate the public with friendly, accessible and reliable information and dialogue.

  • In 2013, free Beyond Celiac monthly webinars provided more than 12,000 patients and dietitians with accurate and credible information about gluten-related disorders and the gluten-free diet. We regularly partner with leading national and international health partners, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Center for Celiac Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and the Mayo Clinic.

We get people newly diagnosed with celiac disease on a positive gluten-free path.

  • Our widely distributedGetting Started Guide – recently released in a new and improved version, is the most useful and comprehensive free gluten-free resource available online. Updated in collaboration with celiac disease expert Tricia Thompson, MS, RD, the Guide has been downloaded more than 7,500 since its re-release in 2013. Over the course of a three-month period, more than 68% of survey participants report that following a lifelong gluten-free diet seems easier and 79% feel capable of being proactive in managing their health as a result of Beyond Celiac webinars. Additionally, a Beyond Celiac survey found that the Getting Started Guide is having an impact on those newly diagnosed with nearly 75% having referred to the Guide on a monthly basis.

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