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Is Millet Gluten-Free?

Yes, millet in its natural form is gluten-free. These small-seeded grasses are harvested for grains and are used in a wide variety of ways. Versatile and diverse, millet grains are used in dishes around the world, including flatbreads, porridges, drinks, pilafs, breads, and more. Millet can also be made into alcoholic beverages, such as millet beer. Additionally, millet is used in livestock feed and birdseed, so be sure millet you purchase is for human consumption as millet sold for animals has its indigestible hull intact.

However, while millet is naturally gluten-free, it’s always best to play it safe with grains. Many grains are at a high risk for cross-contamination from gluten-containing wheat, barley, and rye. Always confirm that any millet products you’re purchasing are truly gluten-free before consuming.

It’s also important to note that research indicates that millet may play a detrimental role in thyroid health. People with thyroid disease should get guidance about consuming millet from healthcare professional.


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