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Additional Celiac Disease Resources

Managing celiac disease is a lifelong commitment. Beyond diagnosis, physicians and specialists can help you adjust to changes in health and identify sources of ongoing symptoms.  Here you’ll find links to clinics, public health sites and drug information to facilitate your transition to healthy living.  

Research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease is ongoing, so sign up for the Beyond Celiac Research Opt-In for updates. 

Hospitals & Labs

A list of medical centers, clinics and diagnostic facilities that specialize in celiac disease.

Government Resources & Medical Organizations

Links to government health agencies and programs, including those focused on celiac disease and other digestive diseases.

Support Groups

Find a support group in your area to help you meet the challenges of a gluten-free lifestyle.

International Groups

A list of celiac disease support groups around the world.

Books and Magazines

Find links to other publications and books about living with celiac disease and managing the gluten-free diet.


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