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Gluten-Free Games

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gluten-free games

Activities for Awareness

Gluten-Free Nutrition Word Scramble

Gluten-Free Nutrition Word Jumble

Teach your kids the important words to look for when choosing a healthy and nutrition gluten-free meal!

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Hidden Gluten Word Search

"Find the Hidden Gluten" Word Search

Breads and pastas are easy to look out for, but does your child know that gluten can be hiding in other foods? Use this game to review the common items that may contain "hidden" gluten.

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Gluten-Free Ingredient Word Jumble

Gluten-Free Alternatives Word Jumble

Unscramble the words to find a list of ingredients that are gluten-free and safe to eat. Hint: Use NFCA's Getting Started Guide or a box of Crunchmaster crackers to figure out the tough ones!

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Make Your Own Play Dough

Traditional Play Doh contains gluten, but your kids can enjoy playing with gluten-free play dough. Make it at home today! Recipe: Gluten-Free Play Dough


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