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Beyond Celiac is the leading trusted resource on celiac disease. We are available and qualified to speak to the press on a variety of topics including, but not limited to: celiac disease as a serious genetic autoimmune disease; celiac disease patient advocacy; celiac disease and the family link; celiac disease research; gluten in cosmetics; barriers to diagnosis; personal experiences with celiac disease/diagnosis; growth of the gluten-free market; gluten-free labeling; gluten-free fad diet vs. a medical necessity.

For all media inquiries, contact Beyond Celiac Director of Communications, Claire Baker, at 215-325-1306 ext 111 or [email protected].

Celiac Disease Facts and Information

For more information on celiac disease and the gluten-free diet:

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Beyond Celiac has awarded close to $450,000 in research grants to two scientists conducting groundbreaking celiac disease studies.


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The Go Beyond Celiac app enables people with celiac disease to easily share their story, get resources, and see how their experience compares to others...


Five Reasons to Pay Attention to the 2019 Beyond Celiac Research Symposium

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