Accelerating Research and Forging the Pathways to a Cure

Accelerating Research and Forging the Pathways to a Cure

Beyond Celiac is committed to helping physicians, scientists and researchers discover new findings that can improve celiac disease diagnosis and treatment. We are an active contributor to the expanding world of celiac disease research. Beyond Celiac supports researchers by sending out surveys and calls for study participants that are aligned with our current goals and programming. We also conduct our own research through surveys, focus groups and data analysis that aim to secure an early diagnosis and improve the quality of life for people living with celiac disease and their families. Beyond Celiac is proud to count accomplishments such as government grants, poster presentations at scientific conferences, publications and web and print tools among the results of its research initiatives.

Beyond Celiac is committed to educating the celiac disease patient community about their appropriate and important role in the drug discovery, drug development and clinical trial processes. We empower our community to take action and directly connect them with opportunities to advance the field.

In 2015, after two years of formal strategic planning, Beyond Celiac launched its first Research Summit, the first step in developing a patient-centered research agenda towards a cure.

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