Get a Piece of the Gluten-Free Monster Pizza and Cookie

March 22, 2019

Get a Piece of the Gluten-Free Monster Pizza and Cookie

Mandy’s Pizza and Gluuteny Bakery invite you to “A Gluten-Free Monster is Loose,” a special gluten-free event featuring supersized food.

Mandy’s Pizza is known for its gluten-free/allergen-free pizza and its 30″ Monster Pizza, but never the two together…until now. The pizzeria will make the first ever 30″ Gluten-Free Monster Pizza at this event.

For dessert, Gluuteny will present the Largest Ggluten-Free Sugar Cookie. Gluuteny is a premier gluten-free bakery in the area, and this event takes their treats to giant proportions.

Registration is required for this event.

When: Monday, Sept. 12, 2011

Time: 6:30-9 p.m.

Where: Westview VFW
386 Perry Highway
Westview, PA 15229

Cost: $3 per person (includes slice of gluten-free pizza and a cookie, along with a can of soda)
Additionally, there will be a cash bar offering $1.50 bottled beer (including gluten-free beer) and mixed drinks for $2.

To register:
Visit the event page

For more information, see the email announcement.

Note: Beyond Celiac provides information on gluten-free events as a service to the community. Please note that Beyond Celiac cannot assure the event participant or restaurant patron of the gluten-free practices or knowledge of the restaurants cited if they have not completed the Beyond Celiac GREAT Kitchens program, which provides accredited gluten-free training to restaurants and other foodservice providers. Please call the venue directly to learn more about their preparation processes.