Alice Bast at Gluten Sensitivity Conference Hosted by Dr. Kenny Davin Fine

March 22, 2019

Alice Bast at Gluten Sensitivity Conference Hosted by Dr. Kenny Davin Fine

Dr. Kenneth Fine, director of the Intestinal Health Institute, will host “The Gluten Truth Meets the Circle of Life: A Tale of Two Hemispheres” conference at the Westin Galleria Dallas Entertainment.

Dr. Fine launched his medical career at the age of 23 and has redirected his years of academic medical career and research to develop public health. This event will include stimulating conversation about medical/research experts addressing gluten sensitivity.

And, among countless other expert speakers, Alice Bast will present on “Turning Celiac Into Service: Unleashing Your Passion and Life Purpose” Saturday, November 5th, from 11:10am -12:00pm.

Entertainment will also available.

When: Thursday, Nov. 3 – Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011

Where: Westin Galleria Dallas Entertainment, Fort Worth Ballroom
Dallas, TX

To register:
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To download the conference brochure, click here.

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