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Introducing a new and improved clinical trial search engine for those looking to take part in celiac disease research

November 2, 2022

Beyond Celiac is thrilled to share that today that we have announced an important collaboration with Antidote, a digital patient engagement company focused on connecting patients with clinical research. We’ve been hard at work partnering with Antidote to customize their best-in-class clinical trial search technology with our celiac disease expertise — and the search is now live here

For a long time, treatment for celiac disease focused on adopting and maintaining a gluten-free diet, but this can be very difficult for patients. Now, however, it’s an exciting time in celiac disease research, with a variety of therapeutic approaches being studied. These include breaking down gluten using enzymes, interrupting the effects of gluten on the cells lining the intestine, preventing the enzyme tTG from modifying gluten in the cell, inducing immune tolerance, and interrupting the immune reactions that occur. In fact, there are more than 45 celiac disease clinical trials currently looking for such treatment options. To fully enroll these studies, more than 245,000 patients would need to take part.

By combining Antidote’s technology with our deep understanding of the condition and the motivation of patients living with celiac to participate in medical research, we aim to provide better quality clinical trial search results. Our hope is that by making it as easy as possible to take part in clinical trials, we are able to accelerate critical research in the celiac disease space.

Patients can match trials through the new search on the Beyond Celiac clinical trials page powered by Antidote. We encourage you to check it out today!

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