Celiac Straight Talk launches

May 1, 2017

Celiac Straight Talk launches


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Beyond Celiac gets real about living with celiac disease in new podcast

Beyond Celiac launches new podcast

By Amy Ratner, Science and Medical News Analyst

A mother describes an ordeal that lead to her son being classified as a “psych case,” a young woman tells about having an invasive medical procedure she didn’t need and a father recounts how his infant son was put on an antibiotic so strong it landed him in the emergency room.

These are the voices you’ll hear telling stories about missteps in the journey to celiac disease diagnosis in the premier episode of Celiac Straight Talk. The new podcast is being launched today by Beyond Celiac as part of Celiac Awareness Month.

In “The Elusive Celiac Disease Diagnosis,” host Christopher Synder interviews three Beyond Celiac community members about misdiagnosis, a common patient experience even though there are well-established tests for identifying celiac disease.

You will likely relate to Courtney Gaer, Candice Graciano and Mike Paroda when they talk about how long it took to get diagnosed – how many doctors, how much confusion, how much suffering. They have harrowing tales to tell about their journey.

Real people, real issues, real understanding

Celiac Straight Talk aims to get real about living with celiac disease, exploring the ups, the downs, the temptations and the triumphs by talking straight to patients, their families, medical professionals and other celiac disease experts. We’ll be telling your stories about living with this serious genetic autoimmune disease.

Listen to the first episode of Celiac Straight Talk on our website, iTunesand Stitcher Radio.

Stay tuned for more episodes to launch during Celiac Awareness Month and beyond. Next, we wrangle with the issue of cheating on the gluten-free diet. We found a few brave souls who were willing to admit they cheat and tell us why. And a psychologist who has celiac disease also joins us to talk about the reasons people cheat on the diet that is currently the only treatment for celiac disease.

In our third episode, we tackle management of celiac disease in face of the fact that patients often don’t get the follow-up care they need. We’ll fill you in on what the latest research shows.

Stay tune for these stories and more during Celiac Awareness Month and beyond.

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